spring clean 

We provide regular maintenance-cleans and spring-cleans - tailored to the requirements of your stair.

Regular cleans

A regular clean can be done either:

- Fortnightly
- Monthly
- Weekly

This includes lifting the doormats and a full sweep-down of staircase and landings.  This is followed by a thorough mopping using plenty of fresh water, floor cleaner and anti-bacterial products.  The handrail is also cleaned using anti-bacterial products.

Please note: additional duties can be added as requested.

Spring Cleans

A spring clean normally includes:
Brushing down dust from upper wall areas and door ledges followed by removal of any chewing gum on steps and a thorough sweep of the entire stair and landings.

Washing of walls, ledges, railings and bannister and scrubbing where necessary,    Anti-bacterial products are used throughout and the stair is left fresh and clean.  Additional duties can be added as requested.

When are spring cleans normally done?

  1. Prior to starting up regular cleans.
There can sometimes be quite a build up of dust and grime in a stairwell.  In such cases a spring clean is recommended prior to the regular cleans.  This is optional however.

     2. Annually

To cover areas not included in the regular cleans.  Again this is optional.

     3.  As a one-off spring clean

After building work or flat refurbishments.

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